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Date October 9, 2023
Location CancĂșn, Mexico (CancĂșn Convention Center)

How can we ensure that Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) research outcomes are both ethical and fair? While fairness in machine learning (ML) has gained traction in recent years, fairness in UbiComp remains unexplored [1]. This workshop aims to discuss fairness in UbiComp research and its social, technical, and legal implications. From a social perspective, we will examine the relationship between fairness and UbiComp research and identify pathways to ensure that ubiquitous technologies do not cause harm or infringe on individual rights. From a technical perspective, we will initiate a discussion on data collection and modeling practices to develop bias mitigation approaches tailored to UbiComp research. From a legal perspective, we will examine how new policies and regulations shape our community's work and future research. In FairComp, we aim to foster a vibrant community centered around the topic of responsible UbiComp, while also charting a clear path for future research endeavours in this field. Organized by a diverse international team of UbiComp researchers, FairComp 2023 will be hosted at UbiComp 2023 and will bring together researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to explore versatile topics related to fairness and robustness in ubiquitous computing.

The Call for Papers is out now! You can find more information here. Accepted papers will be published in UbiComp/ISWC 2023 Adjunct Proceedings.

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